YiDian (Int.) Education

YiDian (International) Education is a boutique education consultancy and services firm based in Hong Kong. Since its inception in mid 2016, the company has carried out numerous projects in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The education services we provide to schools and organizations has two main streams: Teenage Social Entrepreneurs training and Child Participation training. For the Teenage Social Entrepreneur training program, we provide students with the experiential learning experience for them to better observe their communities and society, ask questions and find solutions by themselves, with the guidance of our experienced teachers. We also equip them with the solid knowledge including marketing, finance, social business models, social impact creation etc through real life case studies. The three main areas we would guide students through are: environment, culture and social.

While Child Participation is a quite general concept, we realize that through getting them involved in real-world internet issues discussion. We try to get the future world (both in reality and virtually) shapers more aware of the possible risks, dangers and ethic issues brought up by the development of internet. By offering them paths to international conferences according to their different interests, e.g. ICANN, APRALO, IGF and rIGF, students will develop the idea of multi-stakeholder approach which enables them to be more well-thoughts when they look for solutions to their questions. “Playing”on the international stage is also giving them an advanced experience in international exposure both academically and personally. They are expected to develop social skills with the real-life leaders who are on the same arena together with them.